Nolan & Divashni | December wedding

Nolan and Divashni had such a special day shared with family and friends, we started off with a fun creative shoot the Grand Exotic and it started raining but they say rain on your wedding day is good luck 🙂 They had a beautiful reception at the Mount Edgecombe conference centre

I loved the outfits, the way these two love birds incorporated personal items into their day and their love for Harry Potter, the laughter and the fact that we got dancing shots in the rain, It was a lot of fun – thank you for choosing me x Wishing you a life of love and happiness together

Venue, Décor, Food : The Mount Edgecombe Conference Centre,
Wedding co ordinator: Kogie and team at the Mount Edgecombe Conference Centre, 072 649 8444
Hair and make up : Romona,  Younique You, 081 499 4736
Brides shoes : YDE
Grooms shoes : Zara
Music : DJ Ziggy, 076 952 5067
Printing : Signage Kings, 031 502 1306
Cake :  Decadence by Sumi 084 997 5883
Wedding Favours : SA Wedding Favours,
Videography : Lyon Queen Productions,

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