Zaid & Salma | The venue shongweni wedding

Zaid and Salma celebrated their special day at the Venue Shongweni and it was such a beautiful day in January, everything was so beautiful, just wait till you see how incredible they looked and that veil…..breathtaking. I enjoyed your beautiful day so much, thanks for picking me, wishing you a life of love and happiness together as husband and wife.

Venue : The Venue Shongweni 

Wedding co ordinator:  Elizabeth May Events 

Decor : Elizabeth May Events 

Flowers : Tulips & Tables 

Hair and make up : Hair – Hair Studio by Q. Makeup – Facetime Makeup Studio 

Brides outfit : La Principessa Bridal Wear 

Grooms outfit : Santoro Milano

Grooms shoes : Santoro Milano 

Music : Voice Box Technologies 

Catering : Solly Manjra’s

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