Styled pastel easter shoot | A girl and her dog…

This was a shoot i did for myself,  a styled paster easter shoot to document our beautiful little girl and her best friend Amber, I have always loved easter and i always love putting something pretty together. Riley and Amber have had a special bond from the day we brought Riley home from the hospital, i was worried about Amber being jealous of the whole situation and she surprised all of us and only had love to share, they have the sweetest bond, they sleep next to each other, they share ice cream, they sit next to each other in the car, Riley always gives Amber special hugs and Amber always gives Riley sweet little kisses.

I wanted to put together something light, simple, make use of pastel colours, a bit of floral and of course a beautiful easter themed cake, when i put the cake out Riley told me that it feels just like her birthday and that it feels special, this was the sweetest thing to hear from our 2.5 year old 🙂 Easter is a special time, its always a time of year spent with family, a time to reflect and to be thankful. I hope these bring a smile to your face, they make my heart happy, i cant wait for riley to see these when she is older. If you love bunnies and pastel colours like i do then you will enjoy these.


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